The purpose of this Fan Club is to follow our beloved Crescendo and all his amazing stories!

As a founder, i ask people who wants to signup to Crescendo's Fan Club, to add a link to this page in your forum signature:

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I will edit this page from time to time as i add more stuff


Fun Facts

Crescendo's all time favorite hero is Bruce Lee

Crescendo is well known for getting a stunning win percentage of 45% throughout a whole sctfl season

Crescendo is a semi-professional stalker, used to stalk innocent girls... maybe he still does who knows?!

Memorable Quotes

«crescendo» these days you see speed up motions
«crescendo» while in lee's movies they had to slow them down

«crescendo»many people say I look like bruce lee lmao

«Crescendo» i saw some cute chick years ago, she was staring like "fuck me plz"
«Crescendo» i couldnt stare back at all the time because MY FUCKING GRANDMA WAS THERE WITH ME

«crescendo» why the fuck there isnt thumbnail view in folders in this piece of shit vista
«crescendo» tired of opening images in mspaint
«crescendo» to see what they are

«crescendo» I went fishing two days ago, fucking sucked
«crescendo» everyone else got at least one fish
«crescendo» I got nothing

Other Stuff

9/11/2013 Shall never forget!
The day Crescendo's fan club thread was deleted from S
CTFL Forum

«@ymme» >crescendo's amazing stories
«@ymme» inb4 empty page
«@ymme» gg


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